Charcoal and Ink Renderings by Bill Hayner

A charcoal drawing of some wood behind a fenceAmerican Chi #27, charcoal on paper

California-based artist Bill Hayner has been producing artwork and teaching drawing and painting for several decades. In his personal practice, Bill utilizes texture and gesture to great effect, switching easily between realistic charcoal and ink renderings, and pure abstract forms.

A charcoal drawing of something bundled with stringAmerican Chi #12, charcoal on paper


While in our previous feature of Bill’s works of growth and change we looked primarily at his abstractions, the artist’s portfolio also demonstrates an impressive skill with realistic charcoal sketches and ink drawings. I particularly enjoy the artist’s charcoal drawings of wood beams and construction materials and projects. The way Bill renders the grain of the wood in the slight soft-focus that comes with the charcoal medium is quite appealing, and draws a parallel between these works and his abstractions.

The front page of Bill Hayner's art websiteThe front page of Bill's website,


I enjoy seeing the way these threads of Bill’s portfolio all come together – the looser, more gestural appearance of his ink drawings, and the smoothness of his charcoal drawings have both seemed to play a role in later works. I look forward to seeing how Bill’s work has progressed in recent years.

A charcoal drawing of some wood planksAmerican Chi #33, charcoal on paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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