Sequential Art Techniques: Illustration by Chad Hardin

A black and white cover drawing for a Spiderman comicSpider-Man vs Vampires #1 Marvel Comics, graphite on bristol

Artist and illustrator Chad Hardin creates artworks for comics and graphic novels, utilizing sequential art techniques both classic and innovative to bring his pages to life. Currently based in Utah, Chad works as an independent artist, creating illustrations for his own projects as well as well-known properties.

A watercolor painting of an orange catMorris, watercolor


In our last feature of Chad’s energetic sequential art, we looked at the ways that the artist uses the comic medium to his advantage, creating panels and pages that break away from a traditional grid model and utilize overlapping, off-kilter imagery to tell a narrative. I see a similar technique used in many of Chad’s covers, package designs, and splash pages.

A screen capture of Chad Hardin's art


Images and figures tend to blend together, creating a cover look that’s both contemporary and referential to classic movie and TV posters. I can see some of these same dramatic techniques used in the work of artists like Mark Thomas Gibson. I’m interested to see how Chad’s artwork has progressed since these images were produced.

Cover art for the video game God of War 2Sony-God of War 2, digital art

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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