Strong Planes: Art by Dick Roberts

An abstract oil painting with blue and white huesTime Flies, oil and mixed media on canvas

Dick Roberts is a painter and ceramic artist who works in abstraction, creating smooth, blended images with strong planes of primary and secondary color. In his most recent paintings, Dick has focused on a simple, streamlined style of abstraction with a focus on the texture and materiality of paint.

A painting using deep blue tones and accentsBlue July, oil and mixed media on canvas

I really enjoy the works in Dick’s current painting gallery. Using a widely varied color palette, the artist veers into experimentation, combining masses of different colors, but never seems to stray from creating a pleasant viewing experience. Some of these works remind me of artworks by Luis Pagan, where the texture of the paint, and the points where two colors meet, seem to become topographies of an alien land mass.

A screen capture of Dick Roberts' art websiteDick's portfolio website,


Dick’s ceramic works follow a similar vein of experimentation – the artist creates familiar forms including bowls and vases but focuses his creative attention on the texture and feel of the object. In some cases, his ceramic vessels take on the look of cracked, charred wood, or rough stone. These slight yet purposeful imperfections highlight the physicality of the artwork and invite touch.

A ceramic vase and bowl on displayVase and Bowl

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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