Windblown Beauty: Artwork by Thomas Kero

A photo of an acrylic wall mural depicting an aboriginal canoe

Canoe Mural, acrylic paint (collaboration with one of Thomas' students)


Thomas Kero is a Canadian artist who works in a variety of media. The artist’s current portfolio focuses heavily on coastal landscapes, in which Thomas works to capture the windblown beauty of BC’s central coast.

An artwork depicting a forest in the windUntitled


Originally from Vancouver, Thomas currently lives and works in Bella Bella. I can see influences in his work both from the local landscape, and artistic styles of the local First Nations populations. As we pointed out in our previous feature of Thomas’ landscapes of the central coast, sometimes the artist’s style takes on an aesthetic similar to group of seven artists like Tom Thomson, or Emily Carr.

The front page of Thomas Kero's art websiteThomas' art portfolio website

Thomas’ style varies greatly, and I really enjoy seeing the artist’s many different methods and experimentations in his portfolio. In a recent series, the artist participated in Inktober, an annual art challenge to attempt to draw something in ink every day in October. These gestural, quick drawings are a departure from the artist’s epic landscapes, but no less visually appealing.

An ink sketch of a cedar treeCedar Tree

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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