Collage and Assemblage: Art by Gary Eleinko

A mixed media artwork depicting a slice of forestInto the Woods 2, oil, wood, branches on bamboo

Mixed-media artist Gary Eleinko utilizes a range of materials in his works, resulting in an aesthetic that references collage and assemblage art forms even in two dimensions. The artist’s recent works tend to focus on warm hues and strong, sometimes-figurative shapes, layered to bring each into sharp focus.

A triptych artwork featuring textured plant life and paintJungle Fever (triptych), oil, wood, mixed media

A number of Gary’s most recent works look at the forms of plants and trees. Using bright, warm colors, the artist creates works that appear, from afar, to be collections of different colored stripes. Only up close do they reveal themselves as microcosms of thick forest, often incorporating pieces of tree branches and bamboo rods onto more traditional art materials like canvas and paint.

A screen capture of the front page of Gary Eleinko's art websiteThe front page of Gary's art portfolio website


Other, similar works present a rather more exotic look at plant life, though interestingly Gary’s color schemes remain much the same. The artist creates a tropical look contrasting deep, saturated greens with orange and red hues. The resulting works are warm and inviting while still maintaining a subtle sense of mystery.

A mixed media collage with plant forms and dark colorsNight Blooms, collage, pencil, pastel, watercolor on paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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