Open, Welcoming Painting by Grace Ann Piano

A portrait combined with an abstract imageUntitled

Painter and illustrator Grace Ann Piano works in a range of media, creating everything from wall murals to pet portraiture. Grace’s current online art portfolio is packed with examples of the artist’s open, welcoming painting style.

A painting of two identical figures facing one anotherTwins


The artist doesn’t shy away from using bright colors – I really enjoy the way Grace embraces lighting and shadow in her works. In many cases, she’ll use bright strips of tropical colors -- yellows, oranges, even greens -- to render shadows. Even in relatively straightforward, realistic portraits, the artist seems to pay special attention to the volumes and dimensions of the face, creating the feeling that the subject of each work might walk right out of the picture plane.

The front page of Grace Ann Piano's art websiteGrace's portfolio website,

In our previous feature of Grace’s work we looked at the artist’s expressive murals. I get the sense that the artist’s overall painting style is tailored toward these larger works – her brush marks tend to be wide and confident and her colors are striking, probably even when seen from across a room. I look forward to seeing how the artist's work has evolved in recent years.

A painting of a happy-looking dogUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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