Unique Pieces of Fine Furniture: Art by Enrique Morales

A console table made from hardwood and glassConsole Table, live edge wenge slab, zebrawood, glass

Woodworker Enrique Morales creates unique pieces of fine furniture for his Vancouver-based shop, Madera Fina Studio Furniture. Enrique utilizes a wide range of natural, unstained wood in his practice, often combining two or more types of wood in a single piece for striking contrast.

A console table made from maple and walnut woodsConsole Table, figured western maple veneer, solid black walnut, glass


I really enjoy the way Enrique emphasizes the natural texture of his material, even when the shapes of his furniture pieces call for clean, exacting lines and dimensions. The contrast between precise geometric control and an allowance for the randomness and imperfections of the wood grain creates an appealing sense of tension in each work.

The front page of the Madera Fina Studio Furniture websiteEnrique's portfolio website, www.maderafinafurniture.com


Enrique’s recent series of console tables embody this aesthetic quite effectively. Smooth glass tabletops allow for visibility of the entire supporting framework. In many of these pieces, the artist uses a darker wood – in some cases one that appears solid black – to hold up a shelf of a lighter wood. The resulting look is beautifully symmetrical while drawing the eye across the entire form.

A small console table made from wenge and western curly mapleSmall Console Table, western curly maple, wenge, glass

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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