Daydreams and Memories: Photography by Sarah Seené

A photograph of a boy wearing multiple pairs of swimming gogglesAlex, part of the series Fovea

Sarah Seené is a Montreal-based director and photographer. Working primarily in Polaroid and 35mm film photography, the artist creates images that speak to daydreams and memories.

A photograph of an actor portraying MoriartyStephan Zimmerli (Moriarty)

The aesthetic that the artist achieves through her use of analogue film and photography techniques is one that I find quite attractive. The images on Sarah’s portfolio website are hazy and often slightly out of focus, creating a sense that the subject matter therein is not quite whole, or that perhaps some detail is masked or hidden. The images have a sense of mystery and enigma that really draws the viewer in for a longer look.

A screen capture of Sarah Seene's art


The artist often uses models in her photographs, and though many of her images feature a central figure, it rarely seems that the human figure is the focus of the image. Rather, Sarah seems more interested in expressing an overarching mood or tone with each image, a mood which is expressed through the layered meanings of texture, facial expression, and objects.

A polaroid photo of two figures sitting under a lampUntitled, part of the series Les enfants de la couleur

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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