Possibilities of Composition: Art by Elaine Lauzon

An oil painting with overlapping blue and red tonesFriday, oil on canvas

Elaine Lauzon works in a range of media both digital and traditional, creating artworks that explore the possibilities of composition and color. In her current practice, Elaine favours bright hues and heavy, confident brush strokes, creating artworks that are bursting with energy.

A painting composed of many large colorful brush strokesFloating, acrylic on canvas

Many of Elaine’s traditional abstractions remind me of work by David Tycho, or Bruce Meberg. The artist’s hand is proudly visible in these works, and there’s an interesting amount of variation in style from one work to the next. The series overall has a great sense of exploration and experimentation, and each work seems to have a unique identity.

A screen capture of Elaine Lauzon's art websiteElaine's portfolio website, www.misselaineous.com


It’s interesting to see how this sense of experimentation carries over into Elaine’s digital artworks. Her gallery of digital photo art is, again, packed with examples of different techniques used to enforce different tones on images. Sometimes, the artist uses a simple color overlay to turn what might have been a basic landscape photo into something more impactful -- other times, she abstracts the original subject matter with a reflection.

A digital collage of photosWaiting, digital painting with digital photo collage

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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