Collage-Style Paintings: Art by Don Moore

A painting of a family in front of a partially-colored landscapeAll are Emigrants

Don Moore is an artist based in North Carolina who works in traditional media, creating collage-style paintings and sketches that have a double-exposed look. The artist is proficient in with rendering figures, and many of his works combine human, landscape, and still-life motifs.

A painting of elements referencing WWISommes is Lovely


I really enjoy the sort of “unfinished” aesthetic that Don achieves in his Of Time and Space series. While parts of the painting may remain uncolored, or less tightly rendered than others, the works never feel as though they’ve been abandoned – rather, it seems like a deliberate choice on the part of the artist, to have the overall image feel more like a layering of memories and feelings, less focused on detail than on an overarching mood.

A screen capture of the front page of Don Moore's artist websiteThe front page of Don's art website


Don’s Abandoned series reminds me of works by David B. Scott featuring buildings and vehicles in lonely disrepair. I also really enjoy Don’s landscapes and plein air paintings – the way that the artist renders fields of grass and leaves offers a dynamic sense of movement, drawing the eye across the painting like the wind.

A painting of an abandoned car in a fieldAnother Storm

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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