Compositions in Ink: Art by Matina Galati

An abstract ink painting on paperink on paper

Matina Galati creates compositions in ink that focus on the texture and pattern of brush marks. In many of Galati’s works, the soft, tapering lines left behind by the hairs of a brush form natural textures that reference waves, rocks, and wood.

An ink painting with thick black and white linesink on paper

I enjoy the soft aesthetic that Galati achieves through her use of cream-colored paper and substrates. Rather than black ink on a harsh white background, the artist’s use of an even more neutral hue emphasizes the calm, meditative aspects of her process. This style of ink painting in black on off-white also reminds me of works by Ryan Tippery, which focus on wood and other natural textures.


The artist uses Japanese Sumi ink to create her works. The use of this particular type of ink along with the wave and mountain forms that Galati tends toward creates a reference point to Japanese woodblock prints and styles of ink painting.

An ink drawing of a stream running through mountainsThe Stream, ink on paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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