Studio Sunday: Olek

A photo of the artist Olek in her studio


It’s Studio Sunday so let’s take a look at the art studio of Olek. Polish-born artist Agata Oleksiak, better known by her artistic moniker Olek is now based in New York, where she creates works of fiber art, performance, and installation. These different media tend to blend together in Olek’s practice, like in her works of public crochet installation.


In the above photo, Olek’s studio looks slightly haphazard but spacious. I like the apparently crocheted figures that appear to be watching the scene unfold from behind her – the artist’s works are incredibly colorful and do a wonderful job of making the space seem more inviting. Though the room itself seems somewhat stark -- with flat, white walls and not much in terms of notable décor or architecture -- I’d still compare this studio to a studio like that of Tal R, where the work of the artist seems to become a part of the studio itself.


The pictured space appears to extend back behind the artist. I wonder what treasures are hidden behind the white wall – from what little we can see in this photo, it looks as though that back room is full of even more fascinating artworks in-progress, small mock-ups, and interesting supplies. I can imagine the artist sitting somewhere in this hectic studio space, crocheting various fabrics into a fantastic new sculpture.


Olek is well-known for works that explore feminist ideals and themes of social justice and equality. Her works have appeared temporarily in public and museum spaces throughout the world, with the artist sometimes performing adjacent to her sculptures, or while wearing outfits that she herself has crocheted.

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Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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