VHS Tapes and Surveillance Footage: Art by Charlotte Clermont

A still from a VHS tape in bright pink514-835-9658 (video still), VHS, video titler, video mixer and others. Sound by Julien Champagne

Charlotte Clermont creates videos and still images, drawing from the aesthetics of decaying VHS tapes and surveillance footage. Charlotte’s bright, fuzzy aesthetic holds a deeply nostalgic attraction, while also positioning itself firmly in the present era.

A still image of a black and white surveillance videoPlants Are Like People (video still), surveillance camera. Sound by Emilie Payeur


Looking through Charlotte’s art portfolio, I see imagery that reminds me of found, amateur, and unedited footage along with old VHS tapes. There’s an interesting tension between the comfortable familiarity of these aesthetics, and the often uncomfortable, confusing, or vaguely disconcerting narratives that they seem to present. This seems especially true in the artist’s music videos, like Difficult People/Unfortunate Mornings, where sound, text, and moving image combine to create an impression of stress and uncertainty.

A screen capture of Charlotte Clermont's art websiteThe front page of Charlotte's portfolio website


Many of the bright pinks, greens, and neon colors present in Charlotte’s work are reminiscent of work by Blake Kathryn, while conceptually akin to works by Guillaume Vallee. Seeking a point where digital meets analogue, Charlotte explores nebulous relationships between people and environments.

A still from an abstract music videoDifficult People/Unfortunate Mornings (video still), miniDV, Super 8. Sound by Alain Lefebvre

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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