Movement and Atmosphere: Art by Cary Wyninger

A drawing of an owl featherInk Feather Owl Fluff

Wisconsin-based artist Cary Wyninger creates striking paintings that are full of movement and atmosphere. With a focus on plants, animals, and nature scenes, the artist seems to imbue each of her artworks with a sense of magic.

An oil painting of a barn owlSunset Barn Owl, oil on canvas


I’m enjoying looking through Cary’s collection of artworks based on feathers. The contrast between her Feather Love series, and the images of feathers in her watercolor and ink gallery is quite interesting. In the former, the feathers are drawn in a somewhat straightforward, minimal fashion. The artist pays attention to the feathers’ lines and forms, while utilizing negative space to create a scientific, documentarian look.

The front page of Cary Wininger's art


In her ink and watercolor drawings, on the other hand, the feathers become like seaweed swept up on ocean tides. Deep hues of green and blue, punctuated with the occasional note of something warmer, immerse the viewer in the image, while the lines and forms of feathers, plants, and other abstracted organic items draw the eye across a surface.

An abstracted image in watercolor and ink on paperYellow Gold and Beachy, watercolor and ink on watercolor paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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