Portfolio Website: Allyson Malek

painting with grey centre and colorful brush strokes in the corners
"Portal I"


Since her earliest memories Allyson has been an artist, and throughout school was frequently recognized and awarded for her artistic achievements.

She studied journalism in college, learning typography, editorial layout and photography and used her creative talents to become a graphic designer and marketing consultant in the San Francisco bay area and Silicon Valley. Clients included Apple Computer, Hewlett-Packard, Cisco Systems, Ziff-Davis, Applied Materials and Media Arts Group.


You can view more of Allyson Malek's paintings here on her portfolio website: http://allysonmalek.com

swatches of colors with a cobalt blue centre
"Potral III"

hundreds of circles painted translucent
"Subliminal Bliss"

Written by: rebecca chaperon
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