Rooted in Spirituality: Art by Richard Rice

A bright painting with splatter patternsJoseph's Coat, acrylic and mixed media on gallery-wrapped canvas

Richard Rice is a self-taught abstract painter based in Irving, Texas. Richard’s art practice is rooted in spirituality, and the artist takes an intuitive, unplanned approach to the painting process, allowing colors and shapes to come together into finished compositions that reveal themselves over time.

A painting made up of several large planes of intersecting colorLight of Life - John 8:12, acrylic on red label canvas


I really like the bright color palette that Richard uses throughout his portfolio. The artist’s eye for composition is varied and experimental -- sometimes works seem built up on kaleidoscopic pixels of color, while other times a canvas will be coated in large planes of textured monochrome.

An image of a Richard Rice painting above a sofaThe front page of Richard's art website


Richard’s artworks and technique are reminiscent of BJ Keith – with a style that’s difficult to pin down or replicate. Looking at Richard’s paintings, I get the sense that the artist prefers to allow the paint to dictate the evolution of an artwork – his abstractions, though often complex and layered, never seem overworked, or overthought.

A painting with hard-lined blue and white planesI Am Doing A New Thing 1 - Isaiah 43:19, acrylic and mixed media on gallery-wrapped canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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