Moments in Nature: Art by Susan Kathryn Peck

A painting of sunlight breaking through lush foliageRoadside Attraction II, oil on gallery-wrapped canvas

Susan Kathryn Peck is a self-taught artist based in Ontario. In her art practice, Susan specializes in photorealistic portraits, landscapes, and paintings of other moments in nature.

A painting of a hawk sitting in a treeHigher Perspective


Looking through Susan’s portfolio, I find myself especially drawn to the way the artist renders light. Whether it’s sunlight breaking through trees, or reflecting off of water, Susan exhibits an impressive eye for small highlights which serve to both draw the eye to a particular point on her canvas, and to emphasize the textural qualities of a given subject. She has a great eye for texture, capturing water, feathers, and plant life with equal accuracy.

A screen capture of Susan Kathryn Peck's art websiteSusan's art portfolio website


The artist’s portraits are also impressive – Susan has a great skill for capturing expressions and the soft contours of children’s faces, a subject that many artists find challenging. The works in her current gallery of figure paintings combine water and figure, producing paintings that are as much heartfelt portraits of friends or loved ones as they are academic studies in different painting methods.

A painting of a young girl picking up a shell from waterThe Collector, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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