Peaceful Landscapes: Art by Yvonne Shaffer

A painting of shadows on a sandy beachShadows in the Sand, oil on canvas

Yvonne Shaffer is a painter and set designer based in Meadsville, Pennsylvania. In her painting practice, the artist renders peaceful landscapes with a slightly subdued palette and details that are painted with a loose, slightly gestural hand.

A painting of waves breaking over a tropical shoreBahama Surf, oil on canvas


Yvonne’s recent series of paintings of the Bahamas are quite lovely -- her use of pastel colors, like the light blues of the water and sandy tones of the land, furthers the serene quality that she captures in the landscape. Yvonne is especially adept at capturing crashing waves, in a way that’s reminiscent of the works of Frank Kusch.

The front page of Yvonne Shaffer's art


In our previous feature of Yvonne’s theatrical artworks, we looked at the ways that the artist’s painting style translates into her set painting and design. In the theatre, the artist leaves behind some of the quieter qualities of her works, focusing on creating eye-catching sets that support the actors and the scenes without overwhelming the performance.

A watercolor painting of some docked boatsAwaiting Passengers, watercolor

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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