Scientific Curiosity: Art by Tina Tavolacci

A painting of a small bird on earth-toned paperUntitled

Tina Tavolacci is a mixed media artist and jewelry designer. Her works often feature raised or textured elements, and the imagery of insects and animals found therein speaks to a sense of scientific curiosity.

A necklace with an enamel pendantUntitled


I enjoy the earthy brown and sepia tones that the artist favors in her works. Working in combination with weathered and rusted metallic elements that are sometimes glued to the paintings, these hues create a steampunk-like aesthetic that reminds me of work by Linda Cohen.

A screen capture of Tina Tavolacci's art websiteTina's art portfolio website


In our previous feature of Tina’s work with flora and fauna, we looked at the artist’s jewelry. These pieces have the brightest colors seen perhaps anywhere in the artist’s portfolio – enamel elements in bright blues and reds create a gorgeous contrast with the coppery tones of chains and connecting beads in bracelets and necklaces. In other jewelry pieces, Tina uses colored pencil on copper. It’s an innovate approach and creates an interestingly textural image that looks like chalk or even fabric.

A jewelry pendant made with colored pencil on copperUntitled (colored pencil on copper)

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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