Talent for Typography: Art by Rose Jackson Taylor

A rubber stamp carved into the shape of a giraffeIris the Giraffe

Rose Jackson Taylor is based in South London, England, where she creates typographical art and design, including custom rubber stamps. The artist’s talent for typography carries through poetry, chalk signs, and more permanent inked or stamped lettering.

A custom stamp with tags made using the stampNNT Alumni Dinner


I really enjoy the fresh, modern aesthetic of the works in Rose’s portfolio. Though her stamps may be intricately carved, the imagery seems very self-contained. In printed cards and typography, she tends toward neutral substrates, leaving the focus entirely on inked areas. While Rose often builds up images entirely from creatively place text, occasionally she also utilizes figures – like silhouetted couples, and wedding imagery.

A screen capture of Rose Jackson Taylor's art websiteThe front page of Rose's portfolio website


A good number of Rose’s custom stamps are designed for weddings. The artist also creates typographical cards and paper crafts that would be perfect for any type of themed gathering. The cheery tone of Rose’s custom works is grounded firmly in demonstrable professional skill.

A set of bespoke stamps made by Rose Jackson TaylorPackaged Bespoke Stamps

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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