Process and Narrative: Art by D'Andrea Bowie

A wall-hanging artwork with the forms of plants and flowersThe Toads on Donut Island (from moving islands are restless), low fire, glazed ceramics

D’Andrea Bowie taught herself to paint before completing her BFA in sculpture and installation. Her current practice is a varied mixture of the two disciplines, where the artist explores process and narrative through constructed forms.

A sculpture consisting of a twisted, green-coated wireLost Island (from moving islands are restless), wire rod, foam, sisal rope, foam coat and paint


I really enjoy D’Andrea’s recent installation moving Islands are restless. The work’s title seems integral to its interpretation. In the installation, sculptural forms call to mind plant life and other, stranger biological forms. Constructing these forms from a wide range of materials including rope, found wood, wire, ceramic and bronze, the artist combines the man-made with the natural in a way that evokes sculptures by Angela Britzman and installations by Tania Willard.

A screen capture of D'Andrea Bowie's art websiteD'Andrea's artist website.


In her Experiments, D’Andrea moves her artwork into the realm of the temporal, conceptual, and site-specific performance. The works here appear less polished than her installations in a portfolio format, more because they are designed to be fleeting and ephemeral in nature.  

A satirical re-imagining of Picasso's Les Demoiselles D'AvignonLes Garcons d'Avignon (for project: Picassa; Lady Genius Painter), oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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