Socially-Conscious Art by Micky Renders

A series of images of pets wheat pasted onto the side of a building

Rescue Me, images of cats and dogs from the Peterborough Humane Society wheat pasted onto the side of the Peterborough Cold Storage building (collaboration with PACE students)

Micky Renders is a Canadian visual artist and activist. In her practice, the artist uses a wide range of media to create works of socially-conscious art, aimed at provoking community discussion and change.

A work made by a participant in the BODY:image workshopBODY:image workshop


Many of Micky’s art projects have been public art or made in conjunction with larger public discussions and events. Her works have dealt with issues such as the pervasiveness of sexual assault and rape culture, body image, feelings of social belonging, and even the management of stray pet populations. I appreciate the way that Micky is able to tailor her artistic stylings and medium to suit the message she’s trying to convey.

The front page of Micky Renders' art


In previous feature of Micky’s inclusive, multi-media artworks, we looked at her installation Finding Joy. It’s interesting to see these monochromatic paintings framed in the context of the artist’s overall portfolio – another example of how not only medium, but style as well, can concisely and effectively convey a powerful message.

A photograph of light from windows at nightA Sense of Place. photograph

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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