Colorful Mountain Ranges: Art by David Wightman

A painted and collaged image of mountains and a lakeAndromache, acrylic and collaged wallpaper on canvas

David Wightman creates intensely colorful mountain ranges in a combination of acrylic paint and collaged wallpaper. The artist’s use of wallpaper lends a fascinating textural element to his works that stands in contrast with the sharply outlined shapes and bright, flat planes of color.

A painting of a mountain in pink and yellowOndine, acrylic and collaged wallpaper on canvas


I really enjoy the overall aesthetic that Wightman achieves in his portfolio – the mountain ranges, though very pop-art esque and almost cheerful in tone, display a high degree of focus and attention to detail when viewed up close – the forms of mountains aren’t merely outlined, rather, the shapes and shadows of rocky outcroppings and ledges are treated with the same smooth, colorful shading technique.


Recently, Wightman collaborated with the Swiss fashion house Akris to create wearable versions of a number of his artworks. These wearable versions emphasize the horizontal parallels between water and mountains in Wightman’s work, creating an extra dimension by draping them across a dynamic human form.

A photograph of a model wearing a shirt with the art of David WightmanCollaboration with Akris for Akris Punto FW 2014/15 collection

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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