Studio Sunday: Jessica Barensfeld

A photo of Jessica Barensfeld's jewelry studio


Jessica Barensfeld is a jewelry maker based in Brooklyn, New York. The artist also runs a business creating handmade wool hats with her partner. Jessica’s jewelry studio is in her home, and the artist has taken advantage of the smaller space to build a welcoming, cozy atmosphere.


According to interviews, Jessica works with six interns in this shop. It seems exceptionally small and homey for so many staff but given the small nature of the jewelry pieces they’re likely producing, the medium would allow for this.


I really love the overall warmth of the space – the light wood accents and numerous small storage cabinets and draws add a studious sort of appeal, and the space is totally packed with furniture and plants. The atmosphere that all this décor gives off seems to serve as a likely source of inspiration for modern jewelry, with a clean, hip aesthetic.


Though the brick wall in Barensfeld’s studio appears to be painted over, it does remind me of the brick wall in Polly Morgan’s studio space – in fact, Barensfeld’s whole studio space, with its long, wraparound desk and countless tiny drawers, shelves and cupboards (no doubt packed with small tools and scrap materials,) is reminiscent of other artists working on smaller projects such as Morgan’s taxidermy or Margaret Lee's writing.


It’s always fascinating and somehow satisfying to see live plants in someone’s studio space. While Barensfeld’s are more contained than the lush forest of Claire Basler’s workspace, I still always imagine them to add a touch of fresh inspiration to a space even when you’ve been at work for hours.

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Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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