Many Forms: Art by Susan Parrish

A sculpture made with a variety of found objectsCall for Entry

Susan Parrish is an artist and craftsperson based near Raleigh, North Carolina. The artist’s works take many forms, though the theme of sculpture and assemblage always comes through, often with a playful edge.  

A TEABOT made from a variety of old tins and found materialsMrs. Johnson is Always Fixed Up for Tea


In our previous feature of Susan’s artworks, we looked at her use of mixed media and found objects. Though she has moved away from the medium of ceramics, I can still see the ways in which Susan’s pottery background informs her practice. The artist’s sculptural objects are built up, with Susan often starting from a large object or plate as the base and adding smaller and smaller details and embellishments to create the finished product.

The front page of Susan Parrish' art websiteSusan's art website


Susan’s TEABOTS have obvious pottery parallels, but in her sculpture gallery, too, I see the artist taking an approach that makes each piece look like the head of a long-lost statue, lending an antiquarian flare to works that might otherwise be very contemporary.

A sculpture adorned with a variety of small metallic piecesMore and More

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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