Glass Pet Portraits: Art by Evi Cundiff

A stained glass artwork depicting a running dogBeach Boy

Evi Cundiff is a stained glass artist based in Vermont. While Evi works with a wide range of subject matter, the artist’s current practice emphasizes glass pet portraits, with Evi working on a personal and commissioned basis.

A stained glass artwork of a squidPortrait of a Squid


I really appreciate the range of colors in each of Evi’s stained glass works – the artist seems to keep her eyes open for what color scheme will best represent each subject. In her portraits, animal subjects are rendered with the rich hues of their natural coats. Black, white, orange, and golden glass stands in for shiny fur. The artist often renders backgrounds in full-color detail as well, with bright yellow suns, blue skies, and green foliage.

The gallery of cat portraits on Evi Cundiff's art websiteEvi's gallery of commissioned cat portraits


It’s interesting to see the contrast between such wildly colorful works and those that are more subdued. In Evi’s Divine gallery, for instance, there are a few examples of stained glass panels that showcase different textures of clear glass. A dove in flight is rendered in simple, smooth textures, while a squid appears as a tight collection of glass bubbles.

A stained glass portrait of a dove flyingDove

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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