Real and Mythical: Art by Sue Ellen Brown

A painting of the Scorpio sign from the zodiacScorpio, archival Giclee print

Sue Ellen Brown is an artist from Texas who specializes in realistic, detailed renderings of subjects both real and mythical. The artist has lent her talents to numerous publications ranging from children’s books to strategy card games to magazines and marketing materials.

A painting of a pearl pendantThe Pearl Medallion, Premier Giclee prints on archival stock


I really enjoy the fantasy subject matter that frequently features in Sue Ellen’s portfolio. The artist borrows forms and textures from real-life plants, animals, and other natural features, remixing them into mythological and fantastical creatures in a way that’s both interesting and believable. Many of Sue Ellen’s works are created using airbrush techniques, and the smooth, blended color gradients that the medium allows are perfect for the majestic, fantasy-infused, style that she employs.

The front page of Sue Ellen Brown's art websiteSue Ellen's portfolio website,


In our previous feature of Sue Ellen’s refined fantasy artworks, we touched briefly on the artist’s jewelry. Sue Ellen’s distinctive style manages to shine through, even in a medium that’s so technically different from the rest of her portfolio. Smooth gradient blending and that unique blue-and-purple color palette factor into many of the artist’s designs and beadwork pieces.

A pair of earrings made with turquoise beadsTurquoise, Teal, and Bluegreen, jewel tone freshwater pearls, Indicolite blue Swarovski crystal bicone beads, matte teal blue glass beads

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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