Curving Abstract Forms: Sculpture by Larry Scaturro

An abstracted sculpture of a horse's headHorse, walnut

Sculptor Larry Scaturro uses wood to create his artworks, which often take the form of curving abstract forms that seem to reference the human figure. The artist’s abstracts sit alongside highly detailed, realistic figurative sculptures with emphasize this connection within his portfolio.

A walnut relief of a human figureDimples 2, walnut


I really enjoy the way that Larry utilizes the human body in his figurative sculptures. These often take the form of busts and partial reliefs, though occasionally a full body is depicted in a dynamic pose. Larry does an amazing job of capturing the softest parts of the human body, in a medium that is sometimes thought of as harder, or more rigid.

A screen capture of Larry Scaturro's art websiteThe front page of Larry's art website


As we explored in our previous feature of Larry’s smooth wood forms, his abstract sculptures capture a similar tension between soft curves and hard, strong material. In these works, the artist uses a variety of different types of wood to achieve color contrast as well, sometimes painting a sculpture black while placing it atop a natural wood stand.

A walnut relief of a torso from the backTorso in Relief, walnut

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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