Clean Lines: Communication Design by Brooke Allen

A logo design for the International Schulich Business AssociationLogo design: Internation Schulich Business Association

Brooke Allen is a B.C.-based communication designer and graphic artist. In her portfolio, Brooke showcases an eye for clean lines and impactful use of color, treating each image with her own distinct style as well as an awareness of the client’s aesthetic and goals.

A poster design for Vancouver's annual Car Free DayPoster design: Car Free Day Vancouver


In our previous feature of Brooke’s work with logos, packaging, and advertising, we looked at the way the artist’s sparing use of color helps to draw the viewer’s eye, and provide an uncluttered, easy-to-understand medium for information. Many of Brooke’s designs are more text-focused than image-focused, and employ one or two distinct fonts with a high-contrast look to draw the readers eye across all the information they need to see.

A screen capture of Brooke Allen's online design portfolioBrooke's portfolio gallery


It’s interesting to be able to see how Brooke’s style translates to a variety of different marketing and advertising mediums, including packaging, posters, and logos. In posters, particularly, Brooke goes for impact, often selecting a bright central figure to draw eyes right away.

A comparison of old and redesigned logos for a business associationLogo redesign for Schulich Marketing Association

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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