Enigmatic Style: Art by Laura Munteanu

A painting using blended cool coloursWinters, acrylic on canvas

Laura Munteanu is a painter and mixed media artist who employs an enigmatic style to approach a wide range of different subjects. Laura’s artworks tend to be darkly colorful and gestural, with a slightly surreal sensibility.

An abstract painting with ribbons of colorSpring, oil on canvas


In our previous feature of Laura’s varied, experimental painting practice, we looked at a few of the different techniques that the artist employs to create her images. In recent works, I still see this tension between very loose painting, and tighter, more softly blended objects. A few of the artists paintings feature abstract ribbons of color softly undulating across mottled, ever-changing backgrounds.

A screen capture of the abstract gallery on Laura Munteanu's websiteLaura's abstract gallery on her portfolio website


Other works showcase the artist’s work with mixed media. Exploring media beyond paint seems to allow Laura to work with three-dimensional textures, creating artworks that are smooth and glossy in places, or rough and matte in others. Throughout the artist’s portfolio, the tension between these competing textures and colors creates a sense of dynamism and movement.

A mixed media abstract artwork on a black substrateMessage in a bottle, mixed media on wooden canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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