Excitement of Driving: Art by Tom Kenyon

A lino print of car partsNight, linoleum block print

Tom Kenyon has a need for speed – Tom’s art practice has evolved around the artist’s love of classic cars and racing. Utilizing a variety of artistic media including photography and printmaking, the artist captures the look and feel of the machines, as well as the excitement of driving them.

A lino print in blue of two cars racingK Bucket V, linoleum block print


I like the somewhat abstracted approach that Tom takes to depicting cars and other racing elements. This is especially true in his collages and prints, where designs of motors and machines are slightly simplified and drawn with hard, heavy line art and splashes of color. This is quite a different approach to capturing vehicles than, for example, Dave Wishart’s drawings – but no less effective.

The front page of Tom Kenyon's art websiteTom's portfollio website, www.kenyonmotorco.com


In Tom’s Roswell Drag Strip gallery, the artist showcases the efforts of him and a few friends in converting a stretch of New Mexico land into a functional drag-racing strip. These old photographs of cars and of the racetrack offer a fascinating glimpse into the history of racing, along with Tom’s own experience.

A polaroid photo of a race carChevy Two Race Car, Instamatic photo

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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