Exotic and Familiar Animals: Art by Geneviève Désy

A miniature drawing of a cat's eyeChat noir (miniature drawing on artist trading card)

Geneviève Désy creates photo-realistic colored-pencil drawings of exotic and familiar animals, as well as other subjects. Geneviève also produces work in watercolor and crochet, working on both a personal and commissioned basis.

A miniature drawing of a cat's face with green eyesChat aux yeux verts (miniature drawing on artist trading card)


I’m always impressed by the level of detail that Geneviève achieves in each of her works. In her animal drawings, she does a wonderful job of manipulating the medium of pencil crayon to emulate the soft-grained texture of fur. I’m really drawn to the artist’s recent series of miniature animal portraits. Each work depicts a zoomed-in view of an animal’s eye, startlingly accurate and recognizable by the detailed patterns of fur and iris.

A screen capture of Genevieve Desy's art websiteThe front page of Geneviève's portfolio website


In her crochet and fabric works, Geneviève primarily creates hats, for adults and children. These toques come in designs ranging from classic to playful, and offer a fun and practical way to own a unique piece of art.

A photo of a selection of handmade hatspompom toques - examples of colours

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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