Three-Dimensional Space: Art by David Quinlan

An aerial painting of a New Zealand landscapeLost in the forgotten world, oil on canvas

David Quinlan is a painter based in New Zealand. Working primarily in oil paint, David has built up an artistic practice informed by his background in architecture. The artist paints in a colourful and detailed style, paying special attention to three-dimensional space.

A painting of a cafe sceneUntitled


I really appreciate the way David builds up volumes in his artworks. In his figurative works, slightly blocky planes of color, just a bit more defined than they would be in real life, make up images ranging from simple, focused landscapes to still life paintings that feature a range of objects and textures. As we saw in our previous feature of David works, the artist paints with a soft, yet detailed hand, paying attention to key moments in each image while leaving space for visual softness and ambiguity.

The front page of David Quinlan's art


David’s portraits showcase a different facet of the artist’s practice – in these works, David takes a rather illustrative approach, utilizing drawing techniques like crosshatching to render the volumes and expressions of faces.

A portrait of a woman in glassesMaggie, conte on tinted paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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