Playful Cat Illustrations: Art by Kamwei Fong

A drawing of two cartoon catsMoo & Inky

Kamwei Fong is an artist based in Malaysia. Fong’s has recently become known on the internet for his playful cat illustrations that utilize a distinctive style of monochromatic ink work.

A drawing of a cat seen from behindKitty No. 12


Fong has a great eye for negative space in his works – most of the pieces focus on a central figure positioned in a way that draws the eye elegantly across the image surface. I can see definite allusions to the aesthetic conventions of traditional Chinese and Japanese painting practices, like the works of Wa Truong. Fong’s works seem almost meditative in the way the artist approaches each creation – rendering the fur of his feline figures one hair at a time.


Another example of how Fong uses negative space to great effect is in the eyes of his illustrated creatures. Round and white with only a sparing black mark for the pupils, sometimes without even that, the eyes of each of these figures express a palpable sense of curiosity or alarm, which makes each figure all the more charming.

A drawing of a cat with a wave for a tailKitty No. 9

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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