Majesty and Solitude: Art by Rachel Lambert

A photograph of a green bed of seaweedWeed Beds #3, photograph

Multidisciplinary artist Rachel Lambert explores photography, sculpture, land art and more in her practice. The artist’s recent photographic works capture moments of majesty and solitude in remote areas.

A photograph of an expansive cloudscapeRolling Weather, photograph


In Rachel’s photographs, there is a curious sense of intent focus – though the subject of the image and the framing itself may be expansive, the artist tends to turn her gaze to only one form or figure, which takes up most of the frame. Images of rolling clouds in the sky, for example, use only a sliver of horizon for grounding, but one that offers little context. In other photos of trees and rocks, the idea is to some extent reversed – the viewer’s eye is drawn to a close-up, textural subject, though small fragments of background tell of an immense expanse.

The front page of Rachel Lambert's art


The artist’s work in other disciplines seems to use a similar atmospheric approach. In Rachel’s gallery of Land Art, the artist hints playfully at her own presence using fragments of her own body, like a hand or fingers intersecting with the landscape in the photo frame.

A photograph featuring the artist's hand touching green mossPet the Moss, photograph

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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