Peaceful Gradients: Art by Lisa Tomczeszyn

A watercolor painting with the colors of a sunsetSunset Mojave, watercolor on paper

Painter Lisa Tomczeszyn works in oil, watercolor, and pastel, creating peaceful gradients that vary in intensity and sharpness, but always come back to the theme and composition of landscape. Lisa utilizes a bright, saturated range of colors in her work, creating novel combinations that evoke memory and emotion.

A painting with bright red and pale blue elementsThe Unfathomable Agents of Darkness #2, watercolor on paper


I really enjoy looking through Lisa’s gallery of watercolor paintings. The works in this gallery often seem inspired by Mark Rothko’s abstract paintings, in which decisive planes of color blend together with slightly blurred margins, creating new and interesting hues in the overlap. In our previous feature of Lisa’s work, the paintings did indeed take on the look of subdued, ethereal landscapes. In recent years the artist seems to have taken her abstract images a little further from that base of comparison.

A screen capture of Lisa Tomczeszyn's art


I especially love Lisa’s oil paintings on canvas. In these, the artist uses a slightly more earthy palette, and using brush marks in a single, curving direction the artist creates a sense of a landscape seen through the window of a fast-moving vehicle.

An oil painting of fast-passing streetlightsStreetlight Series #2, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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