Floral, Female, and Animal: Art by Allison Vince

A watercolor painting of a woman on a dark backgroundMarienbad, watercolor and gauche on bristol


Painter, illustrator, and mixed media artist Allison Vince creates delicate figurative images that emphasize simple forms and negative space. The artist’s style occasionally takes on a vintage look, with a subdued color palette and floral, female, and animal subject matter.

A painting of two abstracted handsRing Fingers, cosmetics on canvas


In our previous feature of Allison’s sketchy, ethereal style, we looked at the way the artist used cosmetics to create some of her portraits. It’s interesting to be able to see these works side-by-side with artworks the artist has created in more traditional media like paint or watercolor. The cosmetic paintings seem somehow heavier, and darker than Allison’s watercolor works – where the latter works tend to leave parts of the canvas or paper unworked, the artist’s cosmetic paintings often appear on solid black backgrounds.

A screen capture of Allison Vince's art websiteAllison's art portfolio website

I’m also enjoying the artist’s nursery series – the paintings here, apparently done for a custom nursery, reference old children’s books and conjure a great sense of nostalgia in the viewer.

A framed painting of Peter RabbitPeter Rabbit

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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