Practice of Meditation: Art by Carolyn Trotter

An abstract mixed media work with floral forms on a beige backgroundUntitled, acrylic and mixed media on stretched canvas

Carolyn Trotter creates her artwork both as a form of meditation, and as a way of encouraging others to explore the practice of meditation. The artist’s works tend to feature floral forms, laid out as patterns or mandalas that draw the viewer’s eye around an entire space rather than focusing on a central figure.

A hazy blue painting with the text "let life happen"Let Life Happen, acrylic and mixed media on canvas


I rather like the cohesiveness of Carolyn’s painting portfolio – the works in this gallery on the artist’s website combine abstracted, hazy planes of color with floral forms to create works that are not quite abstract and not quite figural. In many cases, the floral forms are ghostly, outlined in chalky white or filled in with colors of such a similar value to the background that seem to fade and blend into the overall surface of the canvas.

The front page of Carolyn Trotter's art


In her sketches, Carolyn takes a more hard-edged approach, but still focuses on building up patterns that cover the entirety of a page or other surface. In these hand-drawn works, flowers, leaves, and geometric elements grow out of one another like fractals, letting the viewer follow the artist’s hand as it works.

A pen sketch of a floral patternUntitled, sketch

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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