Everyday Moments: Art by Tony Ziegler

A portrait of a woman in a straw hatLynn Stein

Tony Ziegler works in a variety of traditional media, creating artworks that capture everyday moments, including portraits of friends, still-life imagery, and shopfronts. The artist’s style has a carefree, naïve-style edge to it, and seem imbued with a sense of joy in the act of art-making.

A portrait of an older woman in sunglassesMaria W.


In our previous feature of Tony’s slice-of-life paintings, we looked at the artist’s paintings of New York shopfronts. I love the way the way that Tony balances detail with a very casual sensibility in these works. His portraiture has a very similar atmosphere and tone – the artist, in his portraits, seems more concerned with capturing the personality of his subjects than with showcasing every detail in exacting realism. This relaxed approach lends space for experimental color and composition, turning each piece into a fun, highly contemporary work.

A screen capture of Tony Ziegler's art websiteThe front page of Tony's art website

While the artist seems to favour the medium of coloured pencil, in some of his portraits Tony also uses paint – the artist plays with texture in backgrounds, occasionally layering pain in thick strokes to create added visual interest.

A painting of a young boy playing a xylophoneAntony Beatles, acrylic on wood panel

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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