Cubism and African Tribal: Art by Michael Kilgore

An artwork featuring an abstracted female figureSOUL DANCE #3

Artist Michael Kilgore takes a spiritual and deeply personal approach to artwork. Influenced by contemporary art history as well as his own life and cultural experiences, the artist’s portfolio combines fashion, cubism and African tribal aesthetics.

A cubist interpretation of an African faceKUNTA KINTE, mixed media on textured bristol


Influenced by artists ranging from Rene Magritte to Pablo Picasso to Jean-Michel Basquiat, Michael’s artworks are an energetic infusion of styles. I really enjoy the expressive, confident sensibility that Michael uses to render his figures – sometimes, a central figure stands at the center of a canvas, staring intensely out at the viewer, while other times, multiple figures will combine to create a bombastic, partially-abstracted image.

The front page of Michael Kilgore's art websiteMichael's portfolio website,


In our previous feature of Michael’s work, we looked at the way the artist infuses cubism with personal identity. I get the sense, looking through Michael’s portfolio, that each of his artworks represents an important figure in his life, whether it’s a creative inspiration, a friend, or a facet of himself.

A black and white drawing of a figure holding children and prayingPRAYER TIME

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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