Fluid, Painterly Images: Art by Paul Sershon

A painting of a pair of shoes on the groundDon't just stand there, Paulie, oil on canvas

Paul Sershon is a painter who works in media ranging from oil to watercolor, creating fluid, painterly images of landscapes, still-life subjects, and even automobiles. The artist’s approach to painting captures natural lighting and form with a wonderfully delicate touch.

A painting of a row of trees overlooking a coveMosquito Cove, oil on canvas


I really enjoy browsing through Paul’s online art portfolio and seeing the way he tackles a wide variety of different subjects. The artist is equally adept at capturing the hard, clean lines of shop front architecture and the more organic shapes of trees and bodies of water. In his Landscapes gallery, Paul opts for a stunning palette of emerald greens and pale blues, creating paradises of palm trees and warm, bright shorelines.

A screen capture of Paul Sershon's art websiteThe front page of Paul's art website


It’s interesting to observe the contrast between Paul’s watercolors and his oil paintings. The artist’s style definitely carries over, but the medium of watercolor necessarily allows for a slightly looser aesthetic – images seem pleasantly unfinished at the edges but come together to form a central image or figure that’s just as detailed as it needs to be.

A watercolor painting of a drag racerGet it Straight, watercolor on paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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