Macro and Micro Landscapes: Art by Linda Wagner

A painting of a bright red flowerSpring Floral II, oil on canvas

BC-based artist Linda Wagner uses a vibrantly saturated color palette to capture macro and micro landscapes. Working mainly in oil paint and watercolor, Linda captures the ever-changing scenery of not only coastlines and forests, but of florals and simple still-life arrangements.

A coastal landscape with sparse treesFrom Thormamby, oil on canvas


In our previous feature of Linda’s artworks, we looked at the way she uses bright colour and exaggerated form to draw the viewer’s eye into every different plane and contour of a flower. The artist employs similar techniques in her landscape paintings, utilizing eye-catching pops of orange, yellow, and red in coastal views that are otherwise washed in cool, pale blues.

The landscape painting gallery on Linda Wagner's art websiteLinda's landscape portfolio on her website


The artist’s style is detailed, but never overworked, accurately capturing the forms of trees, architecture, and the occasional human figure in bright, gestural blocks of pigment. Some of the artist’s spindly trees remind me of work by Tom Thomson, and the warm compositions of other classic Canadian paintings.

A painting of rolling waves in a channelChoppy Channel, Smuggler Cove, BC, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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