Fiercely Colorful Artworks by Helen Vokatý

An acrylic artwork with a bright honeycomb patternUntitled, acrylic on canvas

Helen Vokatý works in mixed media and collage, creating artworks that combine a precise, architectural framework with spontaneous abstraction and novel materials. The artist’s works are fiercely colorful, and often feature a combination of geometric planes and painterly mark-making.

An abstract artwork made with sketched lines and subdued colorWP 12, mixed media on canvas


I really enjoy the collaged aesthetic that Helen works with in many of her artworks. Whether the artist is simply layering different planes of color, or actually attaching different media to her substrate, there’s always a sense of careful overlap. The artist has a great eye for color combinations, as well sometimes sticking to an overall color temperature or palette, and other times adding pops of contrast to a blended landscape of hues.

A screen capture of the front page of Helen Vokaty's art websiteThe front page of Helen's art website


In our previous feature of Helen’s atmospheric imagery, we looked at how the artist uses her abstracted style to address environmental concerns like the installation of a pipeline. Her series Scratching The Surface takes a subdued visual approach but seems rooted in perhaps similar concerns, with images that hearken to topographical maps.

An abstract artwork with a topographical appearanceWP 01, oil and acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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