An Eye for Feeling: Photography by Paul Thomann

A photo of a child holding up a lanternUntitled

Paul Thomann is a conceptual photographer who captures a wide variety of subjects with an eye for feeling more than for detail. Based in Chicago, Paul also works in film and narrative media, producing works of fiction including movies and plays.

An old family photo of one of the artist's relativesUntitled (family photograph)

I enjoy the sort of nostalgic feeling that seems to run through Paul’s photography portfolio. Whether it’s in the slightly subdued colors in photographs of a baseball field, or the inclusion of old, weathered family photographs, there’s s a sense of reverence for times past in many of the artist’s works.

A screen capture of Paul Thomann's art


In our previous feature of the artist’s work, we looked at the way Paul incorporates narrative formats into his photography. Given the artist’s experience with writing and filmmaking, it’s interesting to see how this sense of time and linear progression factors into his photography. While in many cases it seems that a series of photos function together to tell a story, there’s also a definite sense that something deeper is hiding below the surface of every still, single image.

A photograph of a moving lanternUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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