Local Landscapes: Art by Sharon Hunter

An abstract painting in blue huesBlue City -- Wolf, oil on canvas

Muralist and community artist Sharon Hunter collaborates with the public and fellow artists to create works that everyone can enjoy. The artist’s painterly style lends itself to large works celebrating local landscapes and populations.

A photo of a composite mural painted by grade 7 and 8 studentsWhite Pines Intermediate Mural Project - ADSB


Based in Ontario, Sharon has created several large mural works in the Attawapiskat First Nation, and along Highway 17 on the northern shores of Lake Huron. I’m enjoying looking through Sharon’s gallery of community art – the artist has worked as a facilitator in schools, creating workshops and gatherings where young students can create unique artworks. One such project is her White Pines Intermediate Mural Project, where students in grade 7 and 8 painted animals onto Masonite tiles which were then combined into a large art piece.

The front page of Sharon Hunter's art websitewww.sharonhunter.ca


As we saw in our previous feature, Sharon’s works all address unique stories of the north, with the artist helping people in northern communities to share their own narratives. I look forward to seeing what the artist has been producing in recent years.

A photo of a collaborative mural painted as a healing practiceShingwauk Alumni Gathering -- Healing Arts Painting Project

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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