Painted Cityscapes: Art by Scott Ivey

A painting of a beach with a city in the distanceBackyard beach, oil on canvas

Scott Ivey was born in North Carolina and later moved to Washington D.C., the architecture of which has come to influence his drawn and painted cityscapes. Scott’s works capture the familiar yet otherworldly beauty of buildings and city streets in subdued light.

A pastel drawing of a city with a concrete clearingP Street beach, pastel and colored pencil


I really enjoy the color palette that Scott chooses for many of his artworks. As we discussed in our previous feature of Scott’s quiet city moments, the artist frequently uses a warm yet neutral color palette that washes over the entire image, creating the appearance of an old, weathered photo, letting the viewer imagine that these images are actually of the city as seen many years ago.

A screen capture of the front page of Scott Ivey's art


In terms of subject matter and tone, I find Scott’s works are reminiscent of paintings by Shawn Demarest. While the buildings themselves are signs of life, there are rarely any human figures visible in Scott’s paintings, lending to a peaceful feeling of solitude.

A painting of a tree on a city cornerfavorite tree, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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