Eye-Catching Lines: Art by Jonathan McCree

An installation of brightly colored abstract formsDo Be Do Be Do, installation view

Jonathan McCree creates paintings, sculptures, and installation works in a contemporary style, drawing aesthetic inspiration from a wide range of sources. McCree’s artworks are frenetic and bombastic, never shying away from bright color and bold, eye-catching lines.

An abstract artwork with oil stick and acrylic paintsUntitled, oil stick, acrylic, and spray paint on collaged paper


I find that some of McCree’s works are reminiscent of paintings by Jean-Michel Basquiat -- the way that the artist combines the movements of both drawing and painting, with the occasional bizarre, wireframe figure emerging from planes of pigment. McCree works with a mix of traditional media including acrylic paint and oil sticks.


Throughout McCree’s portfolio, the focus seems to be on color and composition, rather than specific form. In the space of a single painting, I can draw visual parallels to graffiti spray-paint, an unfinished oil masterwork, and the scribbled drawings of Cy Twombly. McCree often works collaboratively, combining his talents with that of other artists, fashion designers, and even dancers to great effect.

An abstract and collaged artworkThe Sky is the Limit, oil stick and acrylic on collaged paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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