A Portfolio of Softly Abstracted Images by Amy Kaufman

A hand-painted monotype of yellow tulipsYellow Tulips, hand-painted monotype

Amy Kaufmann is a mixed media artist who creates textural, softly abstracted images of seascapes, still-life subjects, and flowers. Amy’s paintings have been featured in films and in magazines, and the artist offers her artistic talents on a commissioned basis for people looking to create the perfect backdrop or finishing touch for an office or home.

An abstracted painting of grass with a yellow skySunshine Field, hand-painted monotype


Many of the works in Amy’s online portfolio are hand-painted monotypes. Through this process, the artist ensures that each work is unique and individual. I quite like the dense, layered aesthetic that this chosen medium allows, as well. Even among paintings that feature a large plane of single color, a true monochrome is rare – Amy’s painting style creates a mottled texture that brings together numerous hues, all blending together into a more nuanced whole.

A screen capture of Amy Kaufman's art websitewww.kaufmanart.com


The stylized and slightly abstracted approach that the artist takes when painting figures – both human and object -- means that many of the painting don’t have a definite focal point. Instead, the works encourage the viewer’s eye to explore every inch of the canvas.

A painting of a pear on a blue backgroundOcean Pair, hand-painted monotype

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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