Accumulated Earth: The Portfolio of Carol Ross

A painting of a burning tree after a lightning strikeLightening Strike, oil


Carol Ross’ art portfolio is packed with heavy, natural-hued paintings that speak of accumulated earth and dust, and long, winding roads. The artist tends toward open spaces and large bodies of water as subject matter, painting her scenes in a style that varies from sunny to dark and dramatic.

A painting of a rode with orange pylons scattered over itShe Blew Right Past the Cones, acrylic on canvas


I really enjoy the works in Carol’s oil and acrylic painting galleries. The motif of roads is one that recurs throughout these series, whether the road is actually present in the painting, or implied by the angle of the view. The works sometimes have a playful edge, like in She Blew Right Past the Cones, where a road is depicted littered with upturned traffic pylons.

A screen capture of Carol Ross' art websiteThe front page of Carol's art website

Carol’s seascapes portray the ocean in a theatrical light, almost as something alive. Greys and whites merge with deep grey and blue-green to create a churning, stormy atmosphere. The oceans and bodies of water depicted in Carol’s paintings are forces to be reckoned with.

A painting of water running past cliffsCliffs

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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