Playing With Perspective: The Art Portfolio of Jane Zednik

A painting of an abstracted ice storm and a captured birdIce Storm, oil paint on heavy archival paper


Jane Zednik practices playing with perspective, exaggerating some elements of a painting and minimizing others to create a sense of depth and symbolism in what might otherwise be straightforward imagery.

A painting of a lost and found gloveWinter Saga, oil on heavy archival paper


I like almost illustrative aesthetic that Jane works with in many of her paintings. Sometimes she incorporates text, which gives off a friendly, inviting quality, serving as a sort of guide or anchor point for the viewer. Occasionally the work veers into metaphoric or didactic territory, and each painting seems to have its own clear narrative, whether or not that narrative is shared directly with the viewer.

The art portfolio website of Jane ZednikThe home page of Jane's portfolio website

The artist’s Modern Mythology series incorporates this sense of illustrative symbolism into the composition of paintings. Here, Jane’s work is at its most surreal, with multiple viewpoints overlapping, and planes of colour or texture that seem to exist in separate realities. In some works, a figure helps to bridge the gap between these realities – in others, the viewer is invited to make the connections.

A painting of a dinosaur holding up an icebergIceberg, oil paint on heavy archival paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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